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Saturday, January 3, 2009

*Featured Artist: Quilt Salad Shop

My items above are for sale. Click on the photos for more photos, or to go to the page to buy.

Hello I'm Edna. I love to sew, applique, knit, crochet and paint fabric. If there was just only more time in a day. The feel of fabric, and yarn is one of the most pleasing touches on earth. I love to do olde fashioned needleturn applique. I often drool over appliqued projects made by others. The color combinations and the unique designs sends my mind on a wonderful experience.

I would be happy if society would return to the good olde days. (Return to nature) I remember my grannys' old foot rocking sewing machine, picking fresh fruits from our trees, and even feeding the chicken, goats, etc. Those were the good olde days. Please do enjoy my modern creations. Good day.


Waterrose said...

the first sewing machine I ever used was one with a peddle...I could barely reach it. I also love needle turn applique and had a wonderful friend who taught me so many things about applique...Laurene Sinema

starry said...

We had a treadle sewing machine when I was young. My father turned it into a table saw! aarghhh, wish I had it now. I love the cherries.

quiltsalad said...

Thank for your lovely responses to my comments. The wonderful world of sewing and crafting.

Starry, your father turned the sewing machine into a table saw?
Now, that's talent.

Jackie said...

I had the opportunity to use my grandma's treadle sewing machine while she was sitting by my side. She's passed away now and it is one of my fondest memories of time together with her!

Lisa-Needle Wood Designs said...

I would love to try a treadle machine. I'll be the rhythm is very soothing. I love my little featherweight though!

I love the color combos Edna. I'd be happy for the old days too. Life is sooooo busy that too much passes by and we don't even know it!

Quilts and Heirlooms Team said...

So true Lisa.

We are so busy nowadays, and time is passing so fast.

Can someone put their feet on the brakes. LOL

missknits said...

beautiful quilts!

Jen said...

I remember being taught to sew growing up and hating I am so grateful to my mom for those lessons!

I love your shop name, by the way!


Meekiyu said...

i love those quilts... I still have a 1980's sewing machine that me and my mom still use. I remember those really really old black iron ones my grandma used way back when!! =D

Bella Casa said...


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