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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Handmade Landscape Quilts PART ll

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This lovely work reminds me of a beautiful house out in the country, admist the fresh air and fields of plenty. The Artist, Emmaklee, says: "I got the idea for this picture from a description I read in a book of a “little blue house.” Ages ago, I bought a remnant of blue ultrasuede I’d never used; I started my palette selection with that fabric. I buy a lot of my materials secondhand – the green satin in this picture was from a Habitat For Humanity store, & the doorknob was part of a necklace a found at Goodwill & took apart".
"Prickly Pool"
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Such a beautiful cactus scene. I love how the bird bath sits admist this lovely bird inviting scene. The Artist,SticksAndBroomstraws, says: "I was visiting the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix one hot morning when I happened upon a shady spot with a welcoming bench and small fountain for the birds. I photographed the scene and later gathered the supplies to create a quilt to capture the scene. Luckily I had some fabric printed with prickly pear cactus! The rest was easy. I created fusible applique pieces for the fountain, stony ground, and cactus. For embellishment I used sparkly thread to emphasize the cactus thorns and glittering water. For extra bling I added crystal beads as well. Quilting made the picture complete and captured that shady spot in the garden".
"Horus Egyptian"
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The mysteries of ancient Egypt still mystifies many of us today. Gotta love this piece of old world artwork. The Artist, Threadsofmagique, says: "Horus Spreads His Wings: standing on a dock, his wings spread to catch the rays of the morning sun, the god Horus embodies the timeless spirit of the Nile. The son of Isis and Osiris, Horus was well known in the myths of Ancient Egypt. He was a god of the sky whose eyes were the sun and the moon, and also a god of victory. The pharaoh was said to be the Living Horus, the god come to earth. Horus was associated with the falcon or hawk, and was most often shown as either a falcon or a man with the head of a falcon."
"Island Cliffs"
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You've gotta love how the waves bash the huge rocks on this one. So much talent. The Artist, ZoeDockery, says: "Some people tell me that "Island Cliffs" looks like the virgin islands. To me it looks like imagination. As a child when I made art I would make up the landscape according to how I perceived it. As I grew into an adult I learned to take references from pictures or plein air so that my artwork would look more realistic. When I made "Island cliffs" I decided to be brave and find my inner child again. I let my memories tell me what the landscape should look like. Most importantly, making the piece was fun and invigorating in a way that I had forgotten that making art could be."
"Older than Stonehenge"
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I think that we've all wondered about Stonehenge and its' ancient mysteries. This artist, ArtemisiaStudio, says: "My art is informed by my travels and my love of art history. This small wall-hanging (25"x15") is just such a piece. It represents the Castlerigg Stone Circle in Cumbria England. The art quilt is executed in cotton fabrics of gold, green, blue and purple. Some of the fabrics are imprinted with gold. The machine quilting was done by me at my home studio. The quilt represents an ancient stone circle that is nearly complete and is older than Stonehenge. It sits in farmer's field surrounded by rolling hills which are mimiced in the varying sizes of stones around the circle. The natural setting of the stone circle is magical and I have tried to capture that feeling in this lovely little quilt."
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So much went into this lush forest/water/fish scene, and it paid off. Just look at the beautiful and colorful outcome. The artist, QuiltingCafe, says: "Just before the rain, the thunder, the winds, and the
lightning, a strange hue comes over the sky and the forest. Raw edged appliqued and quilted landscape. Each piece of fabric was meticulous placed on the background. Free form quilting with metallic and varigated threads hold it all down. To give added dimension,clear rock beads simulate water and chiffon was added for the movement. Ceramic stones and yarn represent the forest floor. " "Serendipity"
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Don't cha just love the colors in this giraffe. I think that any child would, also, love to have this cute quilt. The artist, Joystrings, says: "The making of Serendipity was one happy accident after another. Nothing on this quilt was planned. It started with applique on black and white which evolved into a giraffe. The giraffe then needed a place to live and her home on the savanna was born. The making of this quilt was one of the few times where my head let my imagination rule and it was pure joy to create."
"Great Sand Dunes"
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Great work. I love the snow capped mountains and all of the applique work here. The artist, Jenshipthreads, says: " I started making landscape quilts a few years ago when I decided to make a wall hanging that paid tribute to the tallest mountain in Colorado that my father and I had hiked together. I gave this gift to my parents for Christmas and it was a big hit with them and the rest of the family as well. Since I enjoyed making the wall hanging so much, I continued to take photographs on nature hikes and pick the best to be appliqued and turned into a landscape quilt. This particular quilt is in honor of the Great Sand Dunes National Park, which is one of the most unique landscapes that I have ever been to! The tall sand dunes, and even taller Sangre De Cristo mountains behind them is an amazing site; standing on the top of the dunes is even better".

++++++As promised, here is Part 2 of our beautiful Landscape quilts. Edna/President, Quilts and Heirlooms team


Vicki @ DottyJane said...

Fantastic! I really need to try one of these:)

Quilts and Heirlooms Team said...

Thank you Vicki. It is amazing how these landscaped quilts turned out. I love landscape and applique.

A special thanks to all of the artists who allowed me to feature them on our team's blog. Many thanks-you created fantasic pieces of art.

EmandaJ said...

Hello Edna,

Thanks so much for featuring my little quilt with all these lovelies!

artymezia AT yahoo DOT com

jdavissquared said...

that first one is amazing! i can't get over the price too!

found you on etsy forums, hope you'll come visit me too!

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